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Globally, emotional intelligence (EQ) has declined during the past 50 years but Voice AI provides some answers. In other words, the rise of social media, always-on computers, and an experience that disregards emotion have all had a detrimental influence on our EQ and IQ in the contemporary technological age.
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According to a 2018 ScienceAlert article by Peter Dockrill indicates that “an analysis of some 730,000 results by the Ragnar Frisch Center for Economic Research in Norway reveals that the Flynn effect hit its peak for people born during the mid-1970s and has significantly declined ever since.”
Humans might benefit from using artificial intelligence to raise both their IQ and EQ. However, when it comes to technology, essential elements of human communication are frequently left out, which results in an unpleasant user experience, loss of insightful information, hasty or ill-informed decisions, and ultimately a lesser level of emotional awareness.
“We have a lot of neurons in our brain for social interactions. We’re born with some of those skills, and then we learn more. It makes sense to use technology to connect to our social brains, not just our analytical brains. Just like we can understand speech and machines can communicate in speech, we also understand and communicate with humor and other kinds of emotions. And machines that can speak that language — the language of emotions — are going to have better, more effective interactions with us,” said Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor from Stanford University.
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The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and with it, artificial intelligence (AI) is learning to recognize and decipher spoken and nonverbal human emotional cues including tone, facial expressions, and body language. Thanks to developments in emotion recognition, NLP, sentiment analysis, machine learning, and a stronger integration of languages and psychology, algorithms have substantially improved.
Through inventions like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, voice AI technology has already into the hands of billions of end consumers. By 2026, it is anticipated that the voice technology market would rise to a startling $55B. Why do we still become upset when our words are not received despite having access to all of these current technologies?
We underestimate how easy the solution is. In essence, current technologies are tone-deaf. They are unable to discern the feelings that underlie our words. Our tone may be understood, but not our orders. Find out how to differentiate AI from non-AI to make things more clear for yourself.
Even while we have amazing voice technologies that can decipher and understand the meaning behind language and word choice, we have also built robots that are missing certain important details. Only 7% of human communication involves words. In contrast, tone of voice, which makes up around 40% of human communication, is the most reliable passive indication of someone’s thoughts. Unacceptably high a number.
Tonal analytics represents a brand-new step in the development of emotional comprehension. Tone is swiftly evolving into a fundamental requirement for automated analysis and voice communication in the future. Voice is ubiquitous, and conversational AI is rapidly expanding. Like voice, tone is present everywhere, yet it is generally unexplored. To communicate effectively between people and robots, tone of voice is essential. A more complete emotional comprehension is produced by combining voice AI with other conversational AI techniques, such text and body language software. To provide a fuller picture of human communication, these technologies work in concert to intelligently link all elements of complicated and unstructured data.
A customer service platform is offered by Uniphore, a conversational AI startup, to enhance business discussions in contact centers and throughout the sales process. The system from Uniphore makes use of speech AI, computer vision, and tonal emotion. The company is currently valued at $2.5 billion, has over $620 million in capital, and is actively growing abroad. Conversational intelligence is crucial for every organization, according to co-founder Umesh Sachdev.
“Understanding conversations and the data and insights derived from them is essential to every business,” said Sachdev. Only when all variables are taken into account—word choice, body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice—can a conversation be comprehended.
In order to improve how investors make decisions, startup Helios Life Enterprises translates the tonal distinctions of leaders’ voices into practical advice. Executives speak about a significant quantity of crucial information on earnings calls and other audio or video engagements. It is quite challenging to conceal the fact that the tone of voice is a route via which emotional information seeps.
Due to its unique emphasis and the fact that it is the only business that produces tonal analyses of CEOs, Helios is quickly gaining attention in the banking sector (more than 4K US equities). In the alternative data arena ($143.31 billion by 2030), Helios has opened up a whole new channel of insights by accounting for the essential tonal components required for comprehension.
Other voice AI businesses use the subtleties in voice to assist in the diagnosis of patients with various disorders. For instance, Sonde Health uses analysis of voice biomarkers to diagnose Parkinson’s disease in patients more quickly than ever before, enabling speedier treatment.
A phone app developed by CompanionMX can identify depressed people by listening to their voice patterns. The information produced helps to provide a complete picture of a patient’s mental health, and the app format makes the technology more usable for end users.
The application cases for tone are infinite, ranging from contact centers to sales to medical to finance, thus the issue is: how will tonal insights influence new sectors and alter those that already exist? How effective will Voice AI technologies be?
Leaders must take into account how the technology will affect their organizations and the broader economy as artificial intelligence acquires a higher EQ through tonal insights. We have also discussed how could AI transform developing countries, you can check it out for further information!
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Master Plan for Aging – New York State Department of Health

Under the leadership of Governor Kathy Hochul, New York State has embarked on a State Master Plan for Aging (MPA). The MPA is designed to ensure that older adults and individuals of all ages can live healthy, fulfilling lives while aging with dignity and independence.
The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) are coordinating the MPA, building on decades of work and partnerships with state agencies, local governments and stakeholders.
First announced in Governor Hochul’s State of the State Address and Fiscal Year 2023 State Budget, the MPA process was further directed by Executive Order No. 23, which Governor Hochul signed on November 4, 2022.


Master of Science Teaching Initial Licensure – Virtual Information … – Stritch Magazine

Location: Online via Zoom
Kylie Daemmrich, Sr Admissions Counselor
414-410-4621  or  [email protected]

The Master of Science in Teaching Licensure Program is intended for degreed professionals seeking teacher licensure and offers theoretical foundations and practical applications which prepare you to achieve in the communities where you live, work, and lead. The program combines classroom instruction with field experience in K-12 schools. Cardinal Stritch University has long been a pioneer in innovative education. Each course is developed and taught by teachers and administrators who bring their real-world experience to the classroom, which helps students learn how to apply best practices in regular and special educational and use data to inform decision making to solve contemporary and relevant problems. Licensure pathways include: Elementary, Secondary, Special Education, and Regular Education and Special Education.

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Zynaptiq sale: Big savings on advanced processing plugins –

Save big with the Zynaptiq sale.  ·  Source: Zynaptiq
Until November 29, you can save big on high-end processing plug-ins with the Zynaptiq sale. Act fast to get savings of up to $200 in some instances.
Zynaptiq offers a diverse range of audio tools ranging between creative and corrective applications. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer:
Unveil is a sound design tool that allows you to precisely regulate and reduce the level of ambience from a signal. This allows you to restore or remaster old recordings, clean up field recordings, and it’s incredibly useful for sampling.
Zynaptiq Unveil Download
Built on similar algorithms used in facial recognition software, Intensity enhances clarity, loudness, punch, and overall detail in a uniquely transparent way. Once you’ve used it, you’ll want it on individual tracks, buses, and your master out.
Zynaptiq Intensity Download
Adaptiverb is a reverb plug-in with the power to isolate harmonic content within a signal. In addition, you can add harmonic intervals such as unison, fifths, and octaves.
Zynaptiq Adaptiverb Download
Unfilter is an advanced audio restoration plug-in that can remove resonance, filter combing, and various other problematic characteristics from a signal.
Zynaptiq Unfilter Download
Morph 2
Morph 2 is a favourite of Doom (2016) Soundtrack creator, Mick Gordon. This unique plug-in allows you to imbue one audio signal with characteristics from another, with five morphing algorithms to choose from.
Zynaptiq Morph 2 Download
A unique multi-effects plug-in, Wormhole combines spectral warping, frequency shifting, and a dual reverb engine.
Zynaptiq Wormhole Download
Unchirp is a high-end corrective plug-in for removing artifacts created by FFT-based encoding. The powerful algorithm can even reconstruct transients and restore high-frequency detail.
Zynaptiq Unchirp Download
Pitchmap is an advanced polyphonic pitch editing plug-in that allows you to manipulate the pitch of mixed audio signals in real time. A truly cutting-edge creative tool for the modern music producer.
Zynaptiq Pitchmap Download
Unmix::Drums allows you to reduce or boost the level of the drums within a mixed stereo track.
Zynaptiq Unmix::Drums Download
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Decide To Be Happy: How EQ Can Be Applied To Personal … – Her Circle

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them,” said author-playwright Oscar Wilde. The term Emotional Intelligence (EI) wouldn’t be coined until 90 years after his death, but Wilde certainly had the gist of what it meant to possess it. We know what an important tool EQ (Emotional Quotient) or EI is in the workplace, but applying it to your relationships can also ensure a fulfilling personal life. 

A recent study conducted by the Korn Ferry Hay Group used data from 55,000 professionals in 90 countries. The findings? Women outperform men in almost every emotional intelligence competency (11 out of 12) except for emotional self-control, where no gender differences were observed. So how do we, as women, apply these heightened competencies to our personal lives, for better relationships with our partners, children, parents, siblings and even friends?

Practice self-awareness

Delhi-based Lata S, Founder-Director – MEQ Academy, Emotional Intelligence Trainer & Assessor, EQ Educator and Life Coach says self-awareness is the key. “Most of the time we blame others for our unhappiness. This is because of our own expectations. Women never ask for help. They keep working doggedly for ages, and then they’re suddenly tired. They feel like no one loves or cares for them. If they practice self-awareness, they can first figure out what they want and need first. The idea is to give up complaining, and instead work on yourself first.” 

An article in Forbes by Dr Shaw Andrews says that men and women have different EQ strengths. It goes on to state how we are bombarded with both direct and indirect messages our entire lives about how we should behave – through our parents, family members, friends, teachers, coaches, magazines, books, movies, television and even the toys we play with. The article says, “Boys are socialised very early on to be competitive, confident, assertive, decisive and even aggressive. Girls are socialised to be nurturing, care about others, show emotions, get along and be empathetic. Girls learn that the process is more important than winning and that relationships are key.” 

As a result, women always prioritise themselves last and end up feeling short-changed. Change this – you’re not obliged to make anyone else happy at the cost of your own happiness.

Start a handwritten journal

“Aatmanirbhar bano,” says Aditi Surana, High performance coach and Founder of APT mental gym. “You heard me right. Most people depend on their relationships to deal with their own emotions. Set out 15 mins a day to use handwritten journaling to find emotional release and resolve. Address your small emotional issues. This simple mental workout will make your emotional baggage much lighter.” 

Not only does journalling provide a safe space for you to direct your emotions, it allows you to reflect on your own strengths, weaknesses and limitations. It means you’re also taking responsibility for how you feel and express yourself, and how that in turn affects everyone around you. In addition to pouring out your emotions, also set aside some time to write about the roles you fulfil in your personal life, how you feel about them, what works for you and what doesn’t.

Be an active listener  

Empathy is an important component of EI. It means trying to put yourself in someone’s shoes to understand how they may feel. And empathy begins with listening actively. Surana says, “If you’re worried, overwhelmed and preoccupied then you cannot listen to anyone. Deep listening is an art. Filmmaker, author and artist Paromita Vohra once told me that ‘most people suffer as they only listen to the words in conversations.’ Active listening is about deeply listening to the words as well as observing the gaps. You can’t do it without genuinely being interested in people.”  Lata S agrees adding, “We always tend listen less and reply more – in fact we listen only to reply!” 

Respond, don’t react

It is human nature to react immediately and instinctively to both positive and negative words and incidents. Don’t. Restrain yourself, no matter how hard it is and process the information first, along with what it means. You should ideally respond from a place of logic, instead of a place driven solely by emotion. “Taking a small pause for at least six seconds – because our emotions take this long to sink in – it really helps,” says Lata S. “Take a deep breath and count from 10 to 1. During this time, think about whether your reaction is justified or appropriate in this situation. Many times, situations actually don’t even need a reaction. Of course, developing this trait takes time – it doesn’t happen overnight or on day one. But take that first step towards it.” 

Work out your EQ

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither can your control over your emotions. Developing your EQ is much like maintaining physical fitness. You first have to become optimally fit, and then maintain that. Says Surana, “EQ is a muscle. You need to build it. This one skill you cannot practise in isolation… I have created a small workout that you use in each and every conversation. Ask yourself three questions at the end of each interaction – Was I actively listening? Was I triggered? What else could I have said or done?” Answering these questions gives you clarity on what you can do differently to enhance your EQ.

Embrace conflicts 

Our first response is always to defend ourselves. That’s not necessarily wrong, but when we are trying to put relationships ahead of individuals, the point might be lost. Defence is fine, as long as it is backed by actual logic. “Let’s accept it – you can’t avoid conflicts,” says Surana. “It is an essential part of being in any relationship. Most people run away from the fights. Do you do that? Stop doing it. Avoiding conflicts festers them more. Dealing with them can be painful like dressing a wound, but if done correctly, with each dressing it starts healing. The quality of your relationship is dependent on how healthy your fight is.”

As another prolific writer Aldous Huxley so rightly said, “Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.” It’s the reason why different people in the same circumstances act distinctly from one another. If you’re after contentment, peace of mind and fulfilment in your personal life, EQ can truly help you get there. 
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Bar Talk: The EQ Series, Week 6 (Tying It All Together) – Saucon Source

Saucon Source (
EQ Part 6 Tying it all together
Read More of The EQ Series: Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4Part 5
Over the past five weeks we’ve covered a lot of Emotional Intelligence ground. If we look at the totality of EQ it’s easy to see how the description ‘The Swiss army knife of life’ is on the money, based on how many tools and solutions the various practices can provide. A common goal most of us have is to live a productive, successful, happy life and be the version of ourselves that we aspire to be.
Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, and it’s not unusual that we end up having drastically different days than we envisioned when we woke up. While there are many reasons this can occur, a common theme is that our mindset and perspective play a significant role in how we respond to and process all events and interactions we have on any given day. It’s essential to recognize that many of our natural tendencies and reactions are default settings that are not optimal for modern-day life. In our early ancestors’ lives, it was critical to identify threats and dangers to survive another day. We are still operating under that same neural programming to zero in on negative aspects of life, even though they are no longer life-threatening. Not surprisingly, this default tendency to focus unconsciously on negative aspects before positive ones leads to plenty of unnecessary stress and anxiety.
Now imagine if that was the other way around, and your default perspective was first to see the positive instead of the negative. This approach ties into self-awareness and self-management and enables you to fundamentally shift your outlook to minimize stress and increase your happiness. It’s important to note that this is not an attempt to become oblivious to problems that come up; of course, those still need to be dealt with. More to the point, it’s developing the understanding that we have significant control over our emotions and the lens through which we see the world.
As much as developing our skills and abilities around EQ will help us manage our emotional responses and optimize our relationships with others, there is also a substantial upside related to upward career mobility. While it’s easy to make a case for why building our EQ powers should be a priority in our personal lives, it’s significant that EQ in professional applications proves valuable and financially rewarding. For example, LinkedIn is widely considered a reliable barometer of emerging workplace trends based on the millions of employers and employees providing activity data that can be used for analysis. In 2022 studies, LinkedIn determined that 57 percent of employers list ‘soft skills’ (aka EQ) as the most in-demand expertise they are recruiting for. Additionally, Harvard Business Review published an eye-opening article in August 2022 titled ‘The C Suite Skills that Matter Most,’ which looked at the evolution of hiring practices at the highest levels in the largest U.S. companies. Essentially, the article spoke to the historical recruiting practices of searching out candidates based on the right education pedigree and track record of financial management success, or trying to lure away executives from companies like GE, IBM and McKinsey, and determined it was “ancient history.” Put simply, relying on those established hiring practices is no longer a reliable indicator of managerial success. As such, executive recruiters have adjusted their focus to finding people with soft skills instead of hard skills. Their reasoning is simple: modern-day workplace priorities have evolved to where expert communication and collaboration is the prioritized need.
The management expert Peter Drucker was prophetic in his quote decades ago that “the more we automate information handling, the more we will have to create opportunities for effective communication.” As technology now allows businesses to be run mainly through automated processes, Drucker’s prediction has come to fruition. Suppose we consider that the world’s largest companies uniformly have access to the most robust and cutting-edge tech to operate day-to-day functions. In that case, their competitive edge is derived from what the technology cannot yet offer. Specifically, these are intangibles such as judgment, creativity and navigating a diverse workforce with employees placed globally. The nature of how the world’s largest companies operate is radically different in 2022 vs. 2002, and the skillsets that define the most successful leaders have also evolved. The companies that are most responsive to these evolutions are the most successful. Additionally, the people in tune with these changes are building their skills in these in-demand areas. In doing so, they are well-positioned to align themselves with the top leadership positions now and in the future.
As you may have suspected, all of these in-demand and prioritized skills referenced in articles and studies are under the umbrella of EQ. They are just being referred to as the better known (and slightly vintage) term of “soft skills.”
While the research and data make it clear that EQ will continue to have a growing significance in hiring decisions, career growth and leadership roles, you may ask: How can this help me now?
To that question, here’s a takeaway to help put a financial incentive on building your EQ skills. Dr. Travis Bradberry, the co-author of ‘Emotional Intelligence 2.0’ and co-founder of TalentSmart EQ, published a study of 42,000 participants who took the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal Test with a comparison to their annual incomes. People with high EQ scores make a yearly average of $29,000 more than people with low EQ scores. On average, each IQ point added $1,300 to annual income.
Think about that data; not only does building your EQ skillsets reward you with the richness of functioning as the best version of yourself, but you’ll also likely reap the rewards in your paycheck now or in your next role.
For some final EQ starting steps, I’ll leave you with these suggestions:

  • Begin the habit of honest and accurate self-assessment to identify areas you would like to develop your skills, and equally important, in order to ‘catch yourself doing something right’ by keeping track of daily successes.
  • Ensure you maintain a growth-mindset as opposed to a fixed-mindset. By doing so, you remain open-minded to new ideas and opportunities to progress and evolve each day. Curiosity is a superpower, and the road of self-improvement is always under construction.
  • Be mindful of staying present in the present and dedicating your focus and attention to whatever task you are involved in. Multitasking is often characterized as doing many things poorly at once.
  • On a related note, be an active listener and pay close attention to non-verbal communication, as that will be a much larger part of any conversation than whatever words are being said.
  • Form a relationship with your future self and develop the habit of seeking their advice. When they tell you what they wish they did 10 years ago, that’s what you do in present day. It may not be the easiest choice, but it’s advice from a wiser version of your subconscious self that will rarely steer you wrong!
About Eric & Bar Talk

Eric BartoszEric Bartosz is the founder of BAR40 and the author of the internationally acclaimed and bestselling book ‘BAR40: Achieving Personal Excellence.’ He lives in Center Valley with his wife Trish, daughter Riley and pug Piper, is an adjunct MBA professor at DeSales University and serves the community as an Upper Saucon firefighter, a board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley and a local race organizer. Eric is a 20+ year runner and racer and can often be found logging miles on the Saucon Rail Trail.

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Vincent G. Milite (1964 – 2023) Vincent G. Milite, 58, of Hanover Township, died Monday, Jan. 9, 2023 at St.
Gilbert J. Stauffer (1941 – 2023) Gilbert J. Stauffer, 81, of Hellertown, died Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2023 at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Inpatient Hospice, Allentown.
Judy B. Johnson (1950 – 2022) Judy B. Johnson, 73, of Hellertown, died Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023 at St.
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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Gaming music artist TheFatRat talks … – allkpop



Gaming Music has always been an adjacent genre to K-Pop. With euphoric progressive house to trap and melodic glitch-hop, video game music has always geared itself to tell a story the same way that many theatrical and hit K-Pop tracks do! Now more than ever, you’re seeing K-Pop expand its sound with consideration towards many alternative genres and concepts. Most recently, TheFatRat, otherwise known as the world’s most influential Gaming Music artist, has extended his mastery of Gaming Music to K-Pop girl groups; most notably: EVERGLOW!

TheFatRat boasts millions of fans worldwide and has one of the largest followings for artists of this caliber, and K-Pop as a genre continues to benefit from creative involvement from folks like him that continue to push the envelope for what songs from these groups can sound like. The artist’s forward-thinking approach to lifting copyright restrictions has also led to the widespread use and recognizability of his work. allkpop sat down with TheFatRat to get to know more about his journey as a Gaming Music artist expanding into K-Pop and asked all about his process! Learn more about TheFatRat’s experience writing with EVERGLOW and his place in the Pop Music world in the exclusive interview below:

allkpop: A massive welcome to TheFatRat! It’s a pleasure to speak to such a renowned Gaming Music artist!  Please introduce yourself and tell a little about what you do to our readers who may not be familiar with you.
TheFatRat: Hey, I’m Chris, aka TheFatRat. I’m an independent music producer from Germany. My music is especially known in the video gaming space and on YouTube, where I have six million subscribers. If you wonder where that artist’s name comes from, it was my nickname in school that people used to bully me. At some point, I decided to pick that name up, wear it with pride and show that you are not defined by what people say about you.

allkpop: I’d love to understand a bit more about how you got your start making music and, more specifically, video game music. What led you down this production path?
TFR: My start in making music was very early because I learned it like a language when I was two years old, sitting on my mum’s lap when she was playing piano, and I was hitting random keys. After doing this for a few weeks, the keys I hit started fitting with the music my mum was playing. So I grew up learning a couple of instruments, with the piano being my main. As a teenager, I got into music production. The shift to gaming music came much later and was not even intentional. For many years I had produced for other artist and made whatever the record companies requested. But in 2013, I decided to make music just for myself, and because I was a gamer almost my entire life, the music I made was heavily influenced by video game aesthetics. Not surprisingly, when the music blew up, it was in the video game space, and before I realized it, I was a gaming music artist.

allkpop: Being a Gaming Music Artist, what Game OSTs are your favorite? Which are you most inspired by?
TFR: Koji Kondo is definitely one of my favorites. It blows my mind that he not only made the iconic, playful music for Super Mario but also for The Legend Of Zelda. He managed to create an epic fantasy theme with just three oscillators that are played by the world’s best orchestras today.

allkpop: You recently collaborated with award-winning K-Pop group EVERGLOW for an energetic new single. Share a bit about how this collaboration came to be!
TFR: I had discovered EVERGLOW through their song “Pirate,” which I found in a K-Pop playlist. It really stood out to me, so I listened to more of their songs and became a fan. Then at the beginning of this year, I wrote “Ghost Light” and thought it might be a great fit for them. Of course, I was very happy when they agreed to sing the song. It was my first time in South Korea, and I had a blast.

allkpop: Tell us more about the production process. You’re not one to go for the traditional ‘bubblegum pop’ sound, and neither is EVERGLOW, so tell us a little bit about how this saxophone-heavy trap single, “Ghost Light,” came to be!
TFR: Edgy Saxophone lines have always been fascinating for me. They can be melodic and emotional but also rough and heavy at the same time. That’s why I was experimenting a lot with them at the beginning of this year. When it comes to the emotion of a song, I simply follow my own taste. And by the time I wrote the song I was into darker and more gritty sounds, rather than playful and airy. But in the future, that may very well change. I always love to discover new terrain musically.

allkpop: The song’s tone switches between powerful belts and soothing, ethereal vocals and is boasted by the track’s overall enthralling build-up. How did you settle on this alluring and seductive appeal, and how do you go about achieving a satisfying build-up and drop on a song?
TFR: When I first wrote the song, the verses were completely different, more in the vibe of the drop. After I had the demo finished, I purposefully didn’t listen to it for a couple of weeks. When I got back to it with fresh ears, I still loved the saxophone part, but wasn’t quite happy with how I did the verses. However, I also wasn’t quite sure what to do instead. Then, one morning I woke up early, around 5 am, and had that melody playing over and over in my head. I tried it on the song, and it turned out to make a great verse for it.

allkpop: Your use of brass in this instrumental is particularly unique- what led you to opt for horns on this track? Is it a feeling, or is it something else in particular?
TFR: Horns are such fun instruments. Especially when you have a lot of them playing the same note at once and layer them on top of a synthesizer. I have this song called “Stronger,” where I use a similar technique, and I always wanted to apply that to a more vocal-heavy song. In this case, it was just the right way to increase the energy even more after the saxophone part.

allkpop: Each member offered a different vibe that rounds out the song nicely. What did you like best about each member’s vocal contributions, and what strengths did you want to make sure showed on the collab?
TFR: Working with a group is so different from working with solo artists because the song can have much more variety. Onda and Mia simply killed the tagline “Come And Get Me,” as well as the chorus. They both have powerful voices, but if you put them together, it takes it to the next level. Especially when they’re backed up by E:U’s ad libs. Si-hyeon’s voice, in contrast is perfect for the high and airy verses. Unfortunately, Yiren was still in China at the day of the recording. Aisha gave her very best, and it stood out to be great, especially with her singing harmonies. Working with them was simply great. They are all very professional but have such different personalities. Si-hyeon is elegant and ladylike, Onda is so humble and nice. E:U is more mysterious, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a person that is radiating so much positive energy as Mia.

allkpop: Your collaboration, “Ghost Light” with EVERGLOW follows a ten-track album release, PARALLAX, that came out in September 2021. Share a bit about this album, as well as the lore that has fans intrigued and following along!
TFR: Every song on the PARALLAX album has its own artwork, and together with the lyrics, the entire album tells a story. It is, in fact, only a small snippet of the story that I have been developing throughout the last couple of years, that we are revealing bit by bit with new songs and artworks.

allkpop: You’ve recently been seeing some incredible media virality with a 2014 song, “Xenogenesis,” that created a trend on social media! What are your hopes for folks just discovering the music you have to offer now?
TFR: Yeah, that “Outro Song” trend on TikTok is pretty crazy. Friends from all over the world reached out to me, asking if I saw that the song was going viral. Of course, it brought me a lot of new listeners, and I hope that many of them will discover and enjoy more of my music. When I initially made the track Xenogenesis,” I planned to have vocals on it. But at that time in 2014, I didn’t have any contact with a vocalist that would fit, so I simply released the instrumental on its own. Now that it went viral again, I used the opportunity, and together with NEFFEX we turned the instrumental into a song called “Back One Day.”

allkpop: Can you share what’s on the horizon for TheFatRat? More collaborations? Live shows? More albums?
TFR: The new song “Back One Day” will be out on the 16th of December. Other than that, I’m working on a ton of new songs that will be released as singles in 2023. I try to focus on what I can do best, which is being in the studio and writing and producing new songs. And there is a lot of new music coming in 2023.

Connect With TheFatRat:
YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Discord | Spotify
Connect With EVERGLOW:
YouTube | Instagram

BTS, Jin
#Jin becomes the first BTS member to get the Gold Disc Certification by RIA Japan
Oh My Girl, YooA
Oh My Girls’ YooA features in the music video narration for American singer-songwriter John K
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I hope this collaboration will make EVERGLOW more popular in Europe.

That name is goated. Lol


NASA's Mars Perseverance rover records 1st-ever audio of Red Planet dust devil –

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The audio reveals perplexing details about the anatomy of a dust devil.
Perseverance has captured the sound of dust grains impacting the NASA rover, and the recording could be key to understanding how dust is transported around Mars.
The recording comes from a microphone on the Perseverance rover‘s SuperCam instrument on Sept. 27, 2021, during sol 215 of the rover’s mission. (A sol is a Martian day and about 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth.) Other instruments also detected the dust devil, which features in images from Perseverance’s NavCam and temperature and pressure measurements from Perseverance’s Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA). Plus, the scientists were able to use the microphone to accurately measure wind speeds based on the intensity of the sound of the gusts.
The rover had already detected 90 dust devils passing overhead, but this event was the first time Perseverance was fortunate enough to have its microphone switched on at the time.
“With this dust-devil recording, we can actually hear and count particles impacting the rover,” Naomi Murdoch, a planetary scientist at the Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ISAE–SUPAERO) at the University of Toulouse in France and lead author of the study, told
Related: Mars dust storm mysteries remain as scientists study the Red PlanetTaking everything into account — the audio recording, the images, and the temperature and pressure measurements — Murdoch and her colleagues determined that the dust devil was about 82 feet (25 meters) across and at least 387 feet (118 m) tall, moving at 17 feet (5.3 m) per second.
Based on the number of impacts, the sound recordings quantified for the first time ever the wind-blown dust grains in a dust devil. The recording includes a total of 308 impacts on the rover from dust grains carried by the winds of the dust devil, and these impacts were distributed in three bunches. The first group occurred when the whirling leading edge of the dust devil started passing over Perseverance, and the third group came when the trailing edge reached the rover, with concentrations of dust in the walls of the vortex.
However, the most impacts by far occurred when the low-pressure center of the vortex was swirling above Perseverance, which came as a puzzling surprise.
Ordinarily, one would expect most of the dust to be concentrated in the walls of the dust devil, where the wind speeds are high. The center of a dust devil, like the eye of a storm, should, in comparison to the vortex’s walls, be relatively calm and clear. 
In this particular dust devil, however, there seemed to be a concentration of dust in the middle of the vortex. And the oddity wasn’t a fluke in the recording since Perseverance’s NavCam also spotted this internal dust.
“This particular dust devil is unusual even for Mars,” Murdoch said. “We aren’t entirely sure why the dust has accumulated in the center, but it may be because the dust devil is still in its initial phase of formation.”
Perseverance’s landing site, Jezero Crater, lies near one of the tracks of the big seasonal dust storms and experiences an abundance of dust devils compared to Elysium Planitia, where NASA’s InSight lander touched down in November 2018; that spacecraft hasn’t detected a single dust devil to date. 
It’s not just atmospheric scientists who wish InSight had better dust devil luck. The lander’s solar panels are now covered in too much dust to enable the mission to continue much longer and in the experience of previous missions such as the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, dust devils can blow dust from solar arrays.
Previous work has shown that dust devils and isolated wind gusts are responsible for maintaining a significant amount of dust in the Martian atmosphere even outside of dust-storm season. Yet how much dust devils contribute and the process by which they loft the dust off the ground remains uncertain, which is why finding a dust devil with this extra dust in the middle could be an important piece of the jigsaw.
“We still do not fully understand how, exactly, dust is lifted from the surface of Mars,” Murdoch said.
The findings illustrate the importance of the sonic environment as a new frontier for planetary scientists to explore. 
Perseverance rover spots its 1st dust devil on Mars
The sounds of Mars: NASA’s Perseverance rover will put ears on the Red Planet for the 1st time
Perseverance Mars rover figures out how devils and winds fill the Red Planet’s skies with dust 
Murdoch was part of the team at ISAE–SUPAERO who designed and built the microphone for Perseverance’s SuperCam instrument, and the intention was always to use it to try to hear dust devils. However, with each microphone recording session lasting only 167 seconds, the odds were low that the microphone would be switched on at the same time a dust devil swept over the rover. But the slim chances did not dissuade Murdoch.
“Within our team at ISAE–SUPAERO we were convinced that a microphone on Mars would be an important instrument, and we haven’t been disappointed,” she said. 
The results are described in a paper published Tuesday (Dec. 13) in Nature Communications.
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Keith Cooper is a freelance science journalist and editor in the United Kingdom, and has a degree in physics and astrophysics from the University of Manchester. He’s the author of “The Contact Paradox: Challenging Our Assumptions in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” (Bloomsbury Sigma, 2020) and has written articles on astronomy, space, physics and astrobiology for a multitude of magazines and websites.
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Is Emotional Intelligence The Number One Indicator Of A Good … – Forbes

According to a study from CCL—Center for Creative Leadership—75 percent of careers derail for reasons relating to emotional competencies. This scenario includes the inability to handle interpersonal problems, unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict, or the inability to adapt to change or elicit trust. That’s quite the laundry list of misery.
DB Bedford, the founder of iNeverWorry Consulting and author of 30 Days to Emotional Wellness, says emotional intelligence means stopping your emotions from overpowering your intellect. Unfortunately, when organizations hire him to train staff and leaders, one of the clear signs of a lack of EQ (emotional intelligence) is when leaders exhibit strained relationships with the team they lead. In essence, more misery.
“Just making people feel good about being in your presence goes a long way,” said DB. He refers to situations when decision-makers are looking to lift team members up or perhaps when you give them that special assignment.
“I think those who practice emotional intelligence have a secret weapon that will move them up, and even the person making a decision might not even really know what it is. They just know it’s something about this person that they want to keep them closer to them.”
The statistics on emotional intelligence agree with DB Bedford’s commentary. Daniel Goleman—a legendary researcher and thinker in the EQ space—completed a study to look for the characteristics that distinguish star performers, regardless of their field or position. The results showed that 67 percent of the competencies that led to people’s success were emotional intelligence competencies.
DB Bedford
In his book, 30 Days to Emotional Wellness, DB Bedford unpacks barriers to emotional intelligence and takes readers through daily exercises to improve EQ.
In our conversation, DB unpacked the concept of biases. “The biases are what trips people up relatively quickly. I noticed that whenever someone is bothered by somebody else, it is typically because they’re looking at them and saying, ‘Why would you do that,’ or ‘Why are you doing it like that?’ What you’re actually saying is, ‘That’s not how I would do it,’ or ‘That’s not how I would say it.’” DB pointed out that when people project their energy out instead of allowing people to be who they are, problems ensue.
DB delved further into the EQ factors alluding to the concept of confirmation biases. It’s the scenario in which people around us (as well as ourselves) agree with engrained biases, confirming them without due diligence. Status quo biases are another type of bias where people get stuck because they want things to stay the same.
“Those emotional biases can show up in different aspects of our lives and, if you’re not careful, affect your behavior,” he said. “This will probably parlay into emotional grudges where you have a strong feeling about something somebody did or said that you disagree with. When you have these thoughts, you are not practicing emotional intelligence because those of us who practice EQ know that the other person can have a feeling about whatever, and it has nothing to do with me. If I run across you in life and catch some of your negative energy, it’s still not personal and doesn’t have anything to do with me.”
Emotional intelligence can be applied to all areas of life, not just leadership.
Let’s assume your goal is to have the best day ever. Yet, frustrating situations appear. Someone honks at you in traffic because you took a second too long at the lights. Someone decides to cut in front of you in the checkout line at the grocery store. Each situation can be remedied with emotional intelligence, making it easier to handle in your head.
DB responded perfectly to these EQ opportunities: “I like to choose purpose over pettiness.”
One of the ways we can make a conscious choice not to be petty is through what he likes to call a “purposeful pause.”
“It just means you put some space in between your response. The goal is to let logic catch up with you because when emotions are high, logic tends to be low.”
Another mindset shift DB recommends for improving your emotional intelligence is setting boundaries. He provided a fantastic example with the recent kerfuffle with Kanye West.
“Just because someone throws you a ball doesn’t mean you have to catch it, right? Someone recently asked me on a call what I thought about the Kanye West situation, and I replied that I don’t. It has nothing to do with me, and I don’t need anything to do with it. I’m busy doing what I’m supposed to be doing in life.”
DB’s point? To be emotionally intelligent, sometimes you just have to say “no,” and not bother getting into situations you can never change.
Watch the interview with DB Bedford and Dan Pontefract in full below or listen to it via the Leadership NOW series podcast.
Check out my award-winning 4th book, “Lead. Care. Win. How to Become a Leader Who Matters.” Thinkers50 #1 rated thinker, Amy. C. Edmondson of Harvard Business School, calls it “an invaluable roadmap.” Publishing in October 2023, a new book: Work-Life Bloom. (You won’t want to miss it.)


Print Studio One Increases Capacity & Expands Offering with … – WhatTheyThink

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Press release from the issuing company

Print Studio One’s Wide Format Specialist and lead Kongsberg operator Sam Toews, seen putting the X24 through its paces.
Design and print specialist Print Studio One has invested in the latest digital finishing technology from Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (‘Kongsberg PCS’) to boost production capacity and expand its product offering.
The Manitoba, Canada-based business, alongside sister company Three-Six North Marketing, has installed a new Kongsberg X24 Edge cutting table and a range of advanced tooling in order to drive throughput and meet increasing demand at its facility in Steinbach.
“Print Studio One and Three-Six North Marketing partner with clients to build their brands across physical and digital platforms, ultimately connecting people to their products and services,” said Tim Penner, Partner – Operations. Tim, together with brother Matt, runs the family business first acquired by their parents Dave and Lois nearly 20 years ago.
“On the production side, our expertise is in print, signage and vehicle decals, with digital services and design also being developed and delivered under one roof,” said Tim. “As we continue to increase our offering, for example with the introduction of new packaging products, we recognized we needed to cut faster without compromising on quality or accuracy – and that’s what led us to the Kongsberg table.”
Vince Tuccitto, Kongsberg PCS Territory Sales Manager for Eastern Canada, said that with the X24 Edge, Print Studio One has acquired a combination of tried and tested Kongsberg productivity, flexibility and best-in-class reliability.
“The Kongsberg X24 Edge can easily handle the full spectrum of display, signage and packaging materials from kiss cutting vinyl through to heavy duty milling,” said Vince. “There is no sacrifice on machine configuration with all the X-Series options available, and perhaps most importantly the X Edge can evolve to keep pace with the changing demands of Print Studio One.
“Packed with specialty tools, the cutting table handles a wide range of applications, offering speed, power and the flexibility to add new tools for new materials, new applications, or more capacity,” said Vince. “This means that a business can add volume and enter new market segments – just as Print Studio One has done.”
The new Kongsberg X24 has been fitted out with a 3KW router and an assortment of tool options, including vinyl kiss cutting tooling and packaging and creasing tools. “For a business like ours, the ability to deliver quality results in a faster time is crucial – quality is one of our core values, it’s something our clients have come to expect from us,” said Tim Penner. “The ease of operation plays into that, and we have enjoyed significant overall efficiency and productivity gains.
“Having the ability to turn around a wider array of jobs in a quicker time has allowed us to not only expand our offering, but also to attract new opportunities by being able to think outside the box,” he said. “We believe all organizations should have access to first class, full-service marketing support and that business is about more than just making a profit – it’s an opportunity to make a difference. The Kongsberg X24 will allow our business to continue to make a difference in the world.”
For more on the Kongsberg X Edge or the entire range of digital finishing solutions and tools visit
For more on the work of Print Studio One and Three-Six North Marketing, visit
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The entire L.A. City Council racist audio leak, transcribed and … – Los Angeles Times

The entire L.A. City Council racist audio leak, transcribed and …  Los Angeles Times

Studio One 6: video track, collaboration, new effects, mixing controls … – Create Digital Music

The latest in DAW news: PreSonus’ Studio One has added a bunch of features, including improved collaboration and video scoring and some fun new devices. Here’s what’s new and what folks are saying.
Now, if you are going to upgrade, what you really need is … this studio, with wall-sized display. Time to work on the studio in your hollowed-out volcano lair!
There’s a bunch of stuff in this feature, including some vaguely Apple Logic-like stuff: a Customization Editor for turning on and off features, project templates, and track templates. Arguably those do look like you they might actually be more useful in this implementation than Apple’s – the track presets also hook into collaboration, and project templates have a nicely-designed setup. Studio One is even taking on Logic’s notation features.
I’m going to go out on a limb, though, and guess these are the tools you’ll be most interested in.
Video Track lets you cut directly to picture, with basic editing of video, too – they recommend this for podcasts as well as scoring. You’ll need the Professional Edition.
PreSonus Sphere collaboration is improved with archiving, collaboration, and invites even for non-users.
And you get a bunch of new devices:
De-Esser for tackling sibilance in vocals and other high-frequency taming.
Vocoder with side-chain or internal carrier and a cute Music Easel-style patch matrix.
ProEQ 3 which – with dynamic mode has sort of morphed into a multiband dynamics processor.
Mixer Channels get two new features. First, I love this Mixer Channel Overview, which manages to put all your inserts, sends, and channel strip settings in one place without being quickly squashed (Logic) or clunky (Cubase) — apologies to our various friends in Hamburg. There’s also a right-click Fader Flip which lets you pop-up a particular bus right from the send on the channel fader – really clever.
This might be overkill in simpler mix settings, but for managing more complex sends and whatnot, it looks like a godsend.
Plus Alternative Panning Modes, updated browser favorites and folders, and a new start screen.
What, you don’t like my witty banter (or as some like to describe it “sprawling rambling partly-coherent prose)? Reading and all that? Here, have some videos, some of the sharpest YouTuber analysis:
Studio One 6 – what’s new
Mac and Windows, available as one-off purchase or subscription.

CDM is a home for people who make and play music and motion.

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Best MIDI keyboards for beginners 2023: entry level keyboards for … – MusicRadar

Best MIDI keyboards for beginners 2023: entry level keyboards for …  MusicRadar

Proposed Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan Modified And … – Wisconsin DNR

Contact: DNR Office of Communications
[email protected]
MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) proposed Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan revision was modified and subsequently approved by the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board (NRB) during their Dec. 14, 2022 meeting.   
The proposed Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan revision and NRB’s modification are available below and on DNR’s Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan webpage.  
DNR Proposed Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan Revision 
NRB Modification to Proposed Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan Revision 
Rib Mountain State Park was established in 1927 and centered on what, at the time, was believed to be Wisconsin’s highest point – Rib Mountain. The park has grown in size and popularity over the years and now encompasses nearly 1,600 acres and receives over 400,000 visitors annually. From the top of the mountain, the park provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.
DNR staff will now update the plan to include the modification and format the final approved Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan. When complete, the document will be posted to the DNR’s Completed Property Master Plans webpage. 
Questions regarding the Rib Mountain State Park Master Plan may be sent to Phil Rynish, DNR Property Planning Section Chief, at [email protected] or 608-977-0286. Questions regarding implementation of the master plan may be sent to Bayli Christorf, Park Supervisor, at [email protected] or 715-842-2522.
Chatwith customer service M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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Solar storm smashes hole in Earth's magnetosphere, triggering … –

Solar storm smashes hole in Earth’s magnetosphere, triggering …

Purdue offering new fully online Master of Science in International … – Purdue University

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December 20, 2022

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University is offering a new fully online Professional Master of Science in International Agribusiness aimed at agribusiness professionals worldwide. Applications are being taken now, and the program launches in January 2023.
The new degree is particularly valuable for learners looking to enhance their skills in data analytics, quantitative data analysis and data-based decision-making. This knowledge is applicable whether they work in industry or government, management or marketing, and in a range of areas from commercial agriculture to food product development and production, and from natural resources management to managing supply chains. The program also teaches a skill set applicable to working in the fast-paced global economy in general, as well as the dynamic, rapidly growing international agribusiness and food industry specifically.
While the 100% online option is new, the mature, rigorous curriculum has been taught and refined for a decade by Purdue’s Department of Agricultural Economics faculty, who excel at teaching, research and engagement in their field. Each of the instructors also has multiple years of experience teaching in online and hybrid modes.
In addition to the required courses, students choose one of two specialized online graduate certificates – in Spatial Data Science or in Biotechnology Quality and Regulatory Compliance, the latter from Purdue’s top-ranked (U.S. News & World Report) Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. The graduate certificate satisfies 12 credits of the 36 needed to earn the full master’s degree in international agribusiness.
Learners should be able to complete the degree in 18-24 months. The coursework is asynchronous, making it readily accessible for working professionals or new graduates who are ready to start work but also want to earn an advanced degree.
“That makes it nice for time management, and it also makes it work across time zones,” said Nicole Widmar, associate head of the agricultural economics department and graduate program chair.
Some previous knowledge of quantitative methods is helpful, Widmar said, but students do not need to have a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics to enroll in the master’s program. The degree is attainable for someone with a background in related fields such as marketing food products or land management, for example.
Core courses include:
In addition, core requirements include a capstone course with an analytic paper, which can be either academic in nature or work related, in lieu of a thesis.
The two graduate certificates also can be taken separately from the master’s program.
The online Biotechnology Quality and Regulatory Compliance Graduate Certificate is designed to provide professionals education on important aspects of the topic on the way to becoming leaders in pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries. The curriculum covers drug development, regulatory practices, quality management and the molecular basis of manufacturing pharmaceuticals, among other topics.
The online Graduate Certificate in Spatial Data Science teaches how to use big data to make a big impact in agriculture and land management while mastering key concepts of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial data science, including data sources, projections, spatial data processing and analysis methods, data and metadata creation, and a conceptual framework for solving spatial problems.
For more information about Purdue’s online Master of Science in International Agribusiness and to apply, visit the program website.
Writer: Greg Kline, 765-494-8167, [email protected]
Sources: Nicole Widmar, [email protected]
Ryan Good, [email protected]
Purdue University, 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-4600
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The very best Black Friday and Cyber Week deals on music and … – Create Digital Music

It’s the most on-sale time of the year. You know the drill – but here are some select picks out of the flood, including some sales on tools that happen only this week, both for music creation and live visuals.
Keep reloading, this story is being updated live! And include your favorite deals at bottom! Some resellers include affiliate links – thanks for helping support CDM in 2023 to do more weird and unprofitable stuff, too!
Image generated with machine learning, using NightCafe Studio.
Sweetwater has their usual blowout Black Friday sale, which also brings together a lot of the software sales on now in one place.
Sweetwater Black Friday
A few deals stand out.
KORG synths and controllers are on sale, including the whole volca range (up to $60 off), and on top of the sale pricing buy 2 volcas and get 1 volca (beats, drum, or sample2) for free
That includes the Korg volca modular for $169 – see Francis Preve’s write-up for CDM. Well, damn, this is the one I want. Santa, where are you?
Bitwig Studio 4 crossgrade for $249, from any DAW (regularly $299) – Sweetwater exclusive
Roland Video A/V mixers are up to US$1100 off
Roland SP-404MKII is in stock (whoo!) and both the SP-404 and TR-8S come with a free 6-month Roland Cloud Pro subscription. That’s Pro, not ultimate, but still the prices here are solid. The TR-8S is $100 off for Black Friday, and they have carry bag and Decksaver bundles, too. But will you get that, or –
Akai MPC One for $200 off?
Various headphone deals, too – amidst some consumer-y crap I hate, here are some cans I love:
Sennheiser HD 650 open-back headphones are usually too expensive to buy, beautifully comfy and nice-sounding as they are, but now they’re $150 off for $399.95.
The full Beyerdynamic range is on sale, up to $60 off, with some appealing prices on the DT series. (If you’re in Europe, check Beyerdynamic direct – probably the only Twitter ad I clicked on all year.)
IK Multimedia iLoud Studio Monitors are already a bargain, now they’re $150 off
I just started testing Universal Audio’s SP-1 and SD-1 mics and they’re really lovely and great-sounding for the price – currently $50 off
SSL Logic SiX 6-channel mixer is $300 off, and I really need Santa again. See also $70 off their USB audio interface.
Or an SSL channel strip for $299, $200 off…
Universal Audio’s new Bolt audio interfaces are discounted and bundled with free LA-2A Collection and Pure Plate. (These are native; the Volt don’t use UAD. But they’re quite nice.)
Tascam’s DR-07X stereo recorder is $169 and includes a 16GB SD card and – I just paid a lot more for mine. (I love it, though! Well, Tascam menu diving aside…)
Rode RODECaster Pro looks handy for podcasting and it’s $169.23 off for $429.77.
Shure mics don’t get discounted so often, and they’re discounted across the board, up to $210 off.
AKG is on sale, as well.
And if you always wanted a Kurzweil, the PC4 is $500 off.
TAL Software for 20% off including some serious favorites like their 101 model
50% off Reason 12
50% off Steinberg WaveLab – which remains my favorite mastering environment, and just in time, Steinberg recently adopted a dongle-free authorization
50% off Steinberg Dorico notation software – rarely discounted this deeply, and in my humble opinion the scoring software to beat (and notation software is actually how I got into music tech)
Up to 50% off Baby Audio plug-ins including their awesome Spaced Out reverb/delay and IHNY-2 parallel compressor
$149 for Moog Moogerfooger effects plug-ins line is the lowest I’ve seen – and now includes the MF-109S saturator plug-in free, both limited-time offers.
iZotope is on serious discount – Neoverb for $25 (75% off), 75% off RX 10 and Post Production Suite 7, and more – the Holiday Bundle is $49 for 92% off?!
50% off Arturia V Collection 9, FX Collection 3, and Pigments 3 is a huge deal on still more favorites
Less of a holiday for Amazon amidst whatever Prime days, but they do have some deals going, particularly via Alto Music:
Moog Matrarch Black – now discontinued, so your last chance to buy new – for US$1699. Honestly, even with unlimited money I’d probably choose this over the Minimoog reissue, honestly. That’s a terrific deal.
MPC One for $699 also via Alto Music
PreSonus ATOM controller for $99.95 (50% off)
PreSonus AudioBox USB for $74.99
Zoom V3 vocal processor for $189.99
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones, one of the few pairs I’d be comfortable for both mixing and DJing (usually one negates the other)
Shure SM7B for $359
30% off everything from Bastl Instruments is one of the bigger hardware sales of 2022. That includes the wonderful Casper collabs, modules like Pizza I was recently raving about… fabulous.
Schneidersladen are here in Berlin, where “Black Friday” isn’t even a thing, but … they’ve got some great discounts. That includes the Befaco Lich, my current favorite module (run Pd and SuperCollider), great stuff from ALM Busy Circuits, and more. Check the Schneiders sale page
Perfect Circuit not only have a bunch of Black Friday deals, but also store-wide 10% off non-sale items with only a few exceptions. Uh, wow.
KORG’s buy two volcas, get one volca free is available on their site so you can go to your favorite dealer
Elektron Syntakt, which is just one of my favorite boxes of the moment, is heavily discounted across dealers.
AIAIAI is up to 30% off
Elevator Sound, another favorite European retailer for modular stuff, has their seasonal clearout with some lovely stuff – see the UK store or EU store
Thonk has everything 20% off in their store – for your modular / DIY synth needs!
Noise Engineering has 15% off everything including modules, through Monday
You can get Soundtoys’ Little Radiator (modeled tube mic pre-amp) free through the new year.
HoRNet’s awesome Sybilla “intelligent de-esser” is free today – yeah, downloading that for myself right now!
Waves are back with their usual sale – and this year’s freebie, which is Lil Tube saturation. (I’m going to pass on that one, though, and stick with Little Radiator – true story)
The fine folks at Isotonik Studios are doing a 12 weeks of Christmas promotion with free stuff for Ableton Live users every week
Soundtoys has Soundtoys 5 at 55% off again – still some of the software I use most often. Up to 80% off everything else, 55% off upgrades. See my last round-up of tips.
AAS is up to 60% off – absolutely essential for us physical modeling lovers, especially
20% off Ableton Push + packs (this is always the one sale of the year)
50% off Arturia flagship software
AudioThing is up to 70% off (whoa) and you get Bubbles free with any purchase
Puremagnetik, makers of a lot of really wonderful and creative stuff, are 50% off everything
Waldorf just made a software version of their Streichfett string synth, and you can grab it now for an intro price of 33 EUR (for instance)
Big discounts at Plugin Boutique
A livestream? That’s daft.
Harrison has their AVA plugins for $29 instead of $267
Independent maker Klevgrand is another rising star and they’re up to 70% off now
Eventide just released Newfangled’s Invigorate bus compressor/limiter/overdrive – writing about that next week – and it’s on sale for 50% off at $49. It’s truly one of the product releases this year I’m most excited about.
VSTBuzz has a bunch of steep discounts on tons of software, even including IRCAM stuff (“The Snail,” anyone?)
AudioDamage is 40% off everything, from one of the great all-time plug-in makers (and no annoying copy protection schemes, either)
Everything Plogue is 50% off through end of the month
Patchworld is deeply discounted on the Meta Quest Store for VR-based music creation (now with Mixed Reality support, too)
Everything from Resolume is 50% off this weekend, from educational licenses to t-shirts. Really. Wire, Avenue, Arena, the lot.
MadMapper just dropped a big upgrade and everything is 20% off
Unreal Engine’s Marketplace has up to 70% off its catalog
Vidvox only does one sale a year, and it’s now – grab VDMX for $100 off
[ … updating … ]
Who have we missed? Best deals only … let us know in comments.
Ed.: There’s a great comment thread going so I’ll direct you there! Some nice tips.
Now, my favorite is the Freakshow Industries Black Friday sale, where they increase prices for the ‘holiday’:
A post shared by Freakshow Industries (@freakshow_industries)

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iZotope releases Neutron 4 and Music Production Suite 5 Universal … – DJ Mag

The “intelligent” update to the audio mixing suite features AI-powered assistive audio technology
iZotope has announced the launch of new professional mixing and production suites Neutron 4 and Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition.
The new and improved Neutron 4 suite – which can be used with any DAW – will offer all the same features as Neutron 3 but now comes furnished with eight plug-ins. Among the other features comprising Neutron 4 are a new Unmask module, for fixing masking issues like bass and kick drum frequencies clashing, a new Trash mode and Punch mode, and an update to the US audio technology company’s AI-powered assistive audio technology, Mix Assistant, which has now been morphed into the new “intelligent control centre” Assistant View.
The comprehensive Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition boasts 52 plugins and includes the new Neutron 4 mixing plug-ins, as well as VocalSynth 2, surround reverbs with Stratus 3D plus Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio, and six additional plug-ins from Brainworx. Earlier this year, iZotope formed a new umbrella company with Native Instruments, long-running plugin developers Brainworx and their plugin storefront platform Plugin Alliance, called Soundwide. 
Neutron 4 and Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition are available now from the iZotope site and from selected retailers. Neutron 4 costs $299 (£239) (introductory price) or $399 (£319) (regular price). The Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition costs $599 (£479) (introductory) or $999 (£798) (regular). iZotope is also offering loyalty discounts to some existing customers. Watch a demo video of Neutron 4 below and find out more here.
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