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Jan 19, 2023 by The Beat Maker - 0 Comments

A TikToker took the melody from the classic Americana song “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” and turned it into a raucous EDM-style rage beat, amassing over 150,000 views on the platform.
The song sounds relatively normal in the clip at first, until six seconds in, when it explodes with a car crash sound effect, hi-hats, bass, and pummeling synthesizers. The music style is known as “rage,” an EDM-inflected rap subgenre popularized by artists like Yeat and Ken Carson.
“Old McDonald ahh beat,” the creator wrote in on-screen text. The comments are overflowing with viewers writing memes about the music or demanding the creator put it on Spotify, with some calling it a “masterpiece.”
“I’ve ascended into a higher plane of existence,” one commenter wrote.
The creator, Shankz, has amassed over a million likes and tens of thousands of followers for making similarly “goofy” beats (like a recent Christmas-themed one) and bizarre parodies, along with more serious music production.
The origin of the song “Old MacDonald” dates back centuries to the playwright Thomas d’Urfey, who wrote it for a 1706 opera and called it “In the Fields in Frost and Snow,” according to the songwriting news and tips outlet American Songwriter. Versions of the song were consistently reused, and it has persisted as a popular folk tune up to today.
There’s a whole TikTok subgenre of music producers making intentionally silly beats by splicing strange sound effects into finished songs or purposefully going against proper sound design techniques. The style has gone so widespread that a producer even made a tutorial on how to make an “ACTUALLY good beat” with only “goofy ahh sounds.”
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